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WE ARE ONE – Working as an Assistant Producer / Camera Operator for an Olympic Channel Documentary About the Unified Korean Team

The Olympic Channel recently released a documentary called “We Are One” which tells the story of the emotional journey of how the Unified Korean Team (more…)

Together in Tanzania

Together in Tanzania

Together in Tanzania is a short-form documentary film that I recently produced, it is a story about the journey of five South Koreans that travelled far from home to help those in need of medical services in Tanzania’s rural areas. (more…)


Sometimes when you take on jobs you have a lot of notice and you are able to prepare what you need well ahead of time, and sometimes you will end up with opportunities that arise at the last minute and you need to react quickly and be flexible so that they do not pass you by. (more…)

Seoul our Movie – A Night Out in Seoul


The following short piece was produced for the contest entitled “Seoul our Movie”.  Here is the basic idea of the contest:

“World-renowned film directors Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong (*PARKing CHANce) announced on August 20 a plan for the production of Seoul, our Movie, which will be made with the participation of global citizens.  (more…)