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Filming at Everest Basecamp

Filming at Everest Basecamp

Pinnacles at Mount Everest Basecamp

Sometimes, last-minute decisions that don’t seem logical at the time can turn out to be some of the best choices you can make in life.

One Friday night, I was contacted by my brother, and he suggested that I go with him to Mount Everest to help him work on a production. If I accepted the offer, I would be leaving the next week. At first, I thought it was a joke and that there was no way I could go there on such short notice. After thinking it over for a couple of days, I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t possible and I called him to say I wasn’t going. However, he had a logical answer or solution to every concern I had. At that point, there was no reason not to go. I was on board, excited about it, and leaving in 4 days.

First Documentary as a DOP

First Documentary as a DOP

I am pleased to announce that the documentary The Show Must Go On has been released and is available on Apple TV. I’m really excited about this because I got my first credit as a Director of Photography / Cinematographer and it’s the first project that I’ve worked on that is featured on a major platform. 

Here is a part of the plot summary: 

“ In the wake of the global pandemic, The Show Must Go On chronicles the race against time to save live theater and focuses in on some of the theatermakers

determined to win it. From the frontlines in Seoul, this film follows a company of artists involved in two theatrical productions–the World Tour of The Phantom of The Opera and the South Korean Tour of Cats–two of the productions that pushed ahead safely during the pandemic and helped show the way forward. “

The Show Must Go On Trailer:

More information on the film here:

24 Videos Complete!

24 Videos Complete!

The project is complete! At the end of May 2019, I started working on a project with a UNESCO centre called Asia-Pacific Culture of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) which is based here in Seoul, South Korea. It was a freelance job that (more…)

Flying a Drone in South Korea

Flying a Drone in South Korea

2018 Drone Reel 

I’ve had a desire to start filming with drones for a while so last summer I decided to purchase a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Having the opportunity to see the world from above and to capture it’s beauty from there was a real eye opener. Drone videos can be seen all over the place online but flying yourself is a very different and exciting experience. After working through a busy Sept and October I travelled to 7 locations in South Korea hurrying to film what I wanted before it got cold and the leaves fell off the trees. 

This is some of the highlights of the footage: 


I decided to go with the Mavic 2 Pro because of it’s 1 inch sensor. Finally there was small and compact drone that had a quality 1 inch sensor, exposure that could be adjusted. For myself it was the perfect drone to start off with. Who knows, maybe as the journey continues I will desire a drone that is twice the size and price. For now this drone is perfect. 

WE ARE ONE – Working as an Assistant Producer / Camera Operator for an Olympic Channel Documentary About the Unified Korean Team

The Olympic Channel recently released a documentary called “We Are One” which tells the story of the emotional journey of how the Unified Korean Team (more…)