WE ARE ONE – Working as an Assistant Producer / Camera Operator for an Olympic Channel Documentary About the Unified Korean Team

The Olympic Channel recently released a documentary called “We Are One” which tells the story of the emotional journey of how the Unified Korean Team came to be and its legacy.

As mentioned on Olympic Channel’s website:

“On the 9th of February 2018, North and South Korea marched together in the Olympic stadium of Pyeongchang, under a unified flag. This special moment was highlighted by the matches of the united Korea Ice Hockey Team in the Olympic tournament. The united Koreans showed the rest of the world that sports can bridge even the biggest gap.”

You can watch the full length documentary here:

I had the opportunity to work as an assistant producer and camera operator for one of the interviews for this production here in Seoul, South Korea. This particular interview was shot on a Canon C-300 Mark 2 in C-log which was a new experience for me. I could probably get used to it but as someone who shoots a fair amount of news and documentary the ergonomics of this camera are not my favorite, on the other hand this camera produces a really beautiful image which makes it a really great camera. Myself and a friend set up the lighting and I conducted the interview.

It was really interesting to see the interactions that the North and South Koreans had together in this documentary as well as the challenges that they had on the ice. I felt that this documentary had a very balanced and enjoyable depiction of this team’s story.