24 Videos Complete!

The project is complete! At the end of May 2019, I started working on a project with a UNESCO centre called Asia-Pacific Culture of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) which is based here in Seoul, South Korea. It was a freelance job that consisted of shooting and editing 22 lecture and 2 interview videos. The topic of the lectures was global citizenship education. One of the series of lectures was in cooperation with the Ban Ki-Moon Centre and it was called: “Becoming Global Citizens for a Sustainable Society”.

Every lecture was shot with two cameras and the lecturer either sat in front of a colored backdrop or stood in front of a large screen with power point slides on display. Some of the lectures required the use of a teleprompter. The videos were shot on 10 different days over the spring and summer. In order to maintain quality of the shoots I decided that this was not a job for a single camera operator so I invited a friend of mine to work with me. Together we set up the lighting and cameras and while we were shooting he would operate the second camera on the close up while I managed the camera with the wider shot and directed the talent when it was needed. 

I edited the 24 videos myself and we had a graphic designer put together full screen animated graphics, lower thirds, and on screen graphics that appeared at the side of the lecturer. My choice of editing program was FCPX which I quickly discovered that I am really happy to use for this type of project. With tight deadlines and the occasional need for last minute changes & exports, the speed and reliability of this program was really helpful. I spent an ample amount of time using it and got to know it quite well. 

Overall this was a very valuable project to me. Aside from the valuable experience that I got from editing so many lectures and editing them, I was able to learn a lot of from these lecturers about topics that I am very interested in. 

The tasks included in this project were: 

  • filming of 22 lectures and 2 interviews,
  • pre-production / planning,
  • backdrop & lighting,
  • directing the talent,
  • content selection / removal
  • rough edits,
  • suggestions on where to add graphics,
  • sound mixing / editing,
  • subtitling,
  • subtitle proofreading
  • overlaying graphics  
  • finalizing the approved videos.