Working as a Reporter for Arirang TV’s Korea Today –


Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Damyang in South Korea for Arirang TV’s morning show called Korea Today. It had been a while since I had been in front of the camera as I had decided that this year my primary focus was going to be working as a video producer / cameraman. This was a great opportunity to do this again and I enjoyed it to its fullest.

Damyang was the first city in Asia to be designated as a slow city. There I saw it’s beautiful Samjinae village which has hanok homes that are well preserved. This made it a wonderful place to both experience Korean tradition as well as take photos. Seeing the beautiful clouds hanging above the mountains that surrounded the village was a perfect way to start my adventure there.  I walked around the village firing off the shutter of my camera non-stop while taking time to take in the fresh air.

After a tour of the village I learned how to make a Korean snack called Hangwa which I am a big fan of because it’s made from natural ingredients. I also had a Korean meal that was made with locally grown vegetables which reminded me of the importance of fresh food. The fresher the ingredients,  the more delicious and healthy a meal will be.

Another part of this trip was heading to a famous bamboo forest called Juknokwon which is a scenic bamboo forest that was fantastic to walk around in.  The hike was not very hard which was great because it left me with more time to focus on enjoying the scenery around me instead of having to hike strenuously.

Overall, it was a good experience being able to travel around and be on camera again. I hope to do more work like this next year.