Varavon Slidecam V Review

Varavon is a video equipment company that is based here in Seoul, South Korea. I recently reviewed their Slidecam V and took it out for a test shoot in a park called Seongjeongneung.

The model I had was the slidecam V1000 which is 100cm long and I was very surprised at how light and stable it was.  I decided to bring two tripods with me so that I wasn’t limited to using the feet of the slider only. Thankfully I had the help of a friend to help me carry all of the equipment around. I do really like filming with shorter and lighter sliders, however, having the flexibility to take longer sliding shots can really make a big difference. I’m a big fan of adding sliding shots to my productions whenever possible, as long as it’s not overdone because this just causes them to lose their effect.


All of the shots in the video where shot with a Canon 5D Mark 3.

VARAVON Slidecam V from VARAVON on Vimeo.