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Shooting for Badminton Unlimited

Last week I shot 2 segments for Badminton Unlimited, the first segment was shot in Seoul and the second one in Suwon, South Korea. It was a busy day that included shooting Son Wan Ho’s interview before practice at Taerung National Training center,

Working as a Reporter for Arirang TV’s Korea Today –


Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Damyang in South Korea for Arirang TV’s morning show called Korea Today.

May 2014 – World Cup News Reports

I had been working on shooting news reports for Aljazeera’s Bein Sports for a couple of months and the month of May as well as a part of June ended up being all about the world cup which kept my partner and I very busy. Thankfully this opportunity allowed me to explore the world of sports news a lot more.

Varavon Slidecam V Review

Varavon is a video equipment company that is based here in Seoul, South Korea. I recently reviewed their Slidecam V and took it out for a test shoot in a park called Seongjeongneung.

Super8Food Cooking Demo: 떡볶이- “Dukk-Bok-Ki”

I recently had the opportunity to work with a couple of new partners on a production that was based around cooking. The video featured chef Matthew Chung who taught how to make a famous Korean dish called Dukk-Bok-Ki (떡볶이). Mr. Chung has a lot of experience on camera as he hosts his own segment on Arirang TV’s morning show called Korea Today. He is a very talented and passionate chef and this clearly shows when he’s on camera.