Super8Food Cooking Demo: 떡볶이- “Dukk-Bok-Ki”

I recently had the opportunity to work with a couple of new partners on a production that was based around cooking. The video featured chef Matthew Chung who taught how to make a famous Korean dish called Dukk-Bok-Ki (떡볶이). Mr. Chung has a lot of experience on camera as he hosts his own segment on Arirang TV’s morning show called Korea Today. He is a very talented and passionate chef and this clearly shows when he’s on camera.

This production was created under the 27 Bridges Media brand which is a production company that myself and a couple of partners are currently working on.

It was really fun to explore a new style of production as I had never worked on anything based around cooking before. What made this video particularly challenging was shooting and editing cut ins. I find these are some of the more challenging edits to pull off and this video proved to be a great way to practice them a lot.

I am very much looking forward to working with my new team on more projects in the near future.