JAK – 3 Part CF Series

It was time for my first official video production contract here in Seoul, South Korea and I was very excited. I had 2 months to create 3 videos for a company named Enustech who creates bluetooth products for cellphones.

Being in a new country and organizing a production in such a new environment, proved to be very challenging but yet very rewarding.

I can still remember the time I had received the script for the first time, all in Korean, and just sighing. The next couple of hours were spent working at figuring out the content. Being a student of the Korean language, this was good learning experience. All of these little moments really helped me learn how to find my way in Korea.

On this production we had a team that consisted of a scriptwriter, story-boarder, director, sound man, and a production assistant who really helped out a lot along this journey. I was responsible for producing the project, being the cinematographer, and editing the final videos.

We had three stories that were to be told involving the Jak USB. One scene that took place in a living room with a couple. This was to show the functionality of Jak displaying images on a TV set. The second video took place in a vehicle with the same couple and two other friends who were on a road trip. This video was to show the functionality of one being able to send music playlists that were on their smartphone and send them to the Jak USB that was plugged into the USB port of the vehicle. The third video was to show the functionality of using Jak with a laptop and to be able to display a video with it.

Two of these videos were shot with a Canon 5d mark 2 and the video with the laptop was shot on a Canon t2i.

This was truly and exciting experience and was very honored to have this type of opportunity here in Seoul so early on in my journey here.