Seoul our Movie – A Night Out in Seoul


The following short piece was produced for the contest entitled “Seoul our Movie”.  Here is the basic idea of the contest:

“World-renowned film directors Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong (*PARKing CHANce) announced on August 20 a plan for the production of Seoul, our Movie, which will be made with the participation of global citizens.  Seoul, our Movie is part of a Seoul Metropolitan Government-planned global brand marketing project. PARKing CHANce will make a film with a theme related to Seoul through the editing of films submitted by global citizens. ”

With the categories and requirements of the contest being relatively open, myself and the 27 Bridges Team decided to create a short piece about a trademark here in Korea; Korean BBQ. It’s something that is both delicious as well as comforting because you are sharing it in the company of those those that you care for.  Essentially we wanted to bring out the good moments and the deliciousness of the meal and give it a dramatic feeling. We were very lucky and fortunate to have a local restaurant allow us to use their restaurant as well as provide food for us. With only having 2 hours to shoot the piece, it forced us to shoot as quickly and efficiently as possible in a short timeframe. In a lot of ways this was perfect because it forced us to plan everything out perfectly and test how quickly and efficiently we could work together as a team.

All in all, it proved to be a very fun but challenging project. What was really good about it was that it was the type of project that helped push barriers. After entering this contest, I realized that I want to enter more of them going forward.

A few weeks after the video was posted, we received news that the 27 Bridges team received a popularity award for the video.